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Our product range includes a wide range of Shakti Under Pick Loom, Shakti Ruti "B" New Automatic Looms, Shakti 2000 High speed Automatic loom and Shakti 1001 Auto Loom.

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    Shakti Ruti "B" New Automatic Looms

    Approx Price: Rs 1,500 / Unit(s)

    Minimum Order Quantity: 24 Unit(s)

    We Manufacture world’s finest Textile Machineries. I am Manufacture Shakti Name Ruti "B" New Automatic Looms (Size: 150Cm, 170Cm & 180Cm). Please Send Me Fresh Client List whoose Purchase This Looms. The Company is also certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 standard.

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    Shakti Under Pick Loom

    Shakti 2500 2x1, 4x1, 4x4, Under Pick Looms.we are promissing quality to of product to our precious client.

    Additional Information :

    Item Code: SHAKTI-2500

  • Shakti 2000 High speed Automatic loom

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    Shakti 1001 Auto Loom

    Automatic Weft bobbin supply with revolving battery of 28 sections taking 23 bobbins with winding 30 x 163 mm or 27 x 153 mm.Efficient mechanical Weft Feeler.Outside Shuttle eye scissors and temple cutter.Reliable binder control by means of double box swells (Blocking device) with check strap to ensure perfect boxing of the shuttle.Fast reed and frog with brake acting simultaneously along with knock-off to the starting handle during bang-off.Drive on the left-hand side of the shakti 1001 auto loom with individual motor with quick acting cone clutch facilitating quick action. Efficient brake mechanism to stop the loom in the desired position.Spring Top Motion, for adaptability to changing weaves upto 5 shaft or simple roller top shedding motion to achieve any size of shed opening with minor adjustments. Looms can also be supplied to take dobby, if desired.Smooth shoe parallel picking for less wear and tear, correct Shuttle flight.Automatic warp left-off motion to meet the characteristics of the woven fabric.Efficient positive take up motion for even density of picks with automatic anti-crack device during weft breaks.Large warp beam diameter of 700 mm beam flanged reduces beam downtime.Adjustable spindle-type back rest roller to provide sensitive, desired weaving condition. Six row mechanical warp stop motion with broken and detector operating every pick to stop the instantaneously at top center i. e. when heald shafts are in level. Setting with tuning gauges simplifies operation and ensures uniform loom setting eliminating thumb rule methods.
    Particular 170 CM 67.00 180 CM 70.86 220 CM 86.61Loom Speed (RPM) 155 to 165 155 to 160 135 to 140Driving Power (RPM) 2.0 HP (960) 2.0 HP (960) 2.0 HP (960)Production for 60 Pick as per sample 120 Mtrs/24 hrs 80% Efficiency 120 Mtrs/24 hrs 80% Efficiency 120 Mtrs/24 hrs 80% EfficiencyLooms Width 1700 mm 1700 mm 1700 mmLooms Length 3200 mm 3300 mm 3700 mmHeight (without Dobby) 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mmHeight (with Dobby) 2250 mm 2250 mm 2250 mmWeight (per Loom) 2150 Kg.(Max) 2350 Kg.(Max) 2750 Kg.(Max)Weight (Dobby) 25 jacks 350 Kg. 350 Kg. 350 Kg.Warp Beam Dia 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm


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